M. Gulian

“What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams? Keep it to yourself.” – James L Brooks

About James

When I first dreamed of making films for a living, I was an entry-level Teamster working for a Friday paycheck. I was told I wasn’t college material. My high school guidance counselor had wisely moved me from academic pursuits into a vocational cooking school my senior year. “Stay in your lane, people always have to eat.”


Newlywed at 21 and flat broke, Hollywood was out of the question. But the dream wasn’t fading. How do you make movies in south Seattle? You just start learning and start saving…

Personal life

Happily married for 45 years. 2 kids, 4 ½ grandkids. I divide my time between Los Angeles and Seattle.


Seattle Intl. Film Festival, Best Feature, Story by. 
Academy Nicholl Fellowship, Quarter-finalist
PAGE Intl Awards, Quarter-finalist
ScreenCraft Awards, Quarter-finalist
Los Angeles Intl Screenplay Awards, Semi-finalist

Final Draft Big Break, Quarter-finalist
Blue Cat Screenplay Awards, Semi-finalist
(and many more)

Finished Scripts

  • TRUE CONVICTION – Feature, Redemption Drama
  • SWIMSQUATCH – TV Pilot, Fantasy Comedy
  • SECOND HELPINGS – TV Pilot, Family Comedy
  • SUPERSTORE – Sample Spec, TV Comedy
  • BUYERS ARE LIARS - TV Pilot, Workplace Comedy

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