Bound and Determined

A few years ago I was driving home from work when a white pickup truck came flying out of a blind alley and t-boned me at full speed.  I must have spun around a few times because when I stopped I wasn’t where I thought I should be and I couldn’t find the white truck.  Then, I caught a glimpse of him driving away.  I put my car back in gear, turned it around and gave chase.  He ran a stop sign and pulled onto a very busy street.  It was rush hour and I knew traffic would be backed up at the stop light ahead.  Hopefully, I would have enough time to get out and strangle him to death.

You’ve heard the term, “bound and determined?” I was determined for sure and bound as well, but in a different sense. As in, wrapped with unbreakable chains until I accomplished my mission. Had I simply backed into a pole or hit a parked car while fiddling with the radio and had only myself to blame? I might be “determined” never to repeat my foolishness, but the “bound” part of my new definition takes an enemy. In my case it was a guy in a white truck. 

This two part technique is not lost on those charged with motivating any group of people. Churches, unions, political parties, business competitors, you name the group, it works like a charm.  Being united by a good cause will only take a group so far, and it’s very hard to maintain any level of enthusiasm. Find or create a common enemy and throw them into the mix and you can create a group that’s bound and determined.  The problem is; “What binds you, blinds you.”

The traffic backed up just as I had predicted but the white truck was nowhere in sight.  “Damn. He must have made the light.”  It turned green and I took off like a mad man, weaving through traffic and passing in the turn lane.  I spotted the white truck up at the next light.  I also noticed the bluish-white smoke that was billowing up behind me.  My right front fender was crushed into my tire.  “Meh, what’s a new tire cost? He’s going to fix that too!”  The truck missed its last chance to turn and was now heading toward an elevated freeway with no exits for miles.  “You’re mine, sucker!” I quickly made up ground and pulled alongside the white truck.  The rather scared looking elderly woman driving it, looked over at my smoking vehicle.  I pulled ahead to check for damage on the front of her truck. There was none.  I just waved and backed off.  At this point the smoke turned black and flames began licking out of my right front wheel well. 

I pulled over and grabbed my registration out of the now burning glove box.  I popped the latch on my hatchback.  It was Valentine’s Day.  I bought my wife a cute little parlor chair.  I pulled it out and set it aside as I watched my car burn up. 

“What binds you, blinds you.”  You can quote me.