“Whatever you do, don’t die wondering.”

When I first dreamed of making films for a living, I was an entry-level Teamster working for a Friday paycheck. I was told I wasn’t college material. My high school guidance counselor had wisely moved me from academic pursuits into a vocational cooking school my senior year. “Stay in your lane, people always have to eat.”

Newlywed at 21 and flat broke, Hollywood was out of the question. But the dream wasn’t fading. How do you make movies in south Seattle? You just start learning and start saving.

A BA degree in Filmmaking from The University of Washington helped me talk my way into a writer/director position in a local bank’s video communications department. My first and last job as an employee. It became clear that nobody but me was going to make my dream come true.

So, a few years as a freelance writer/director in the video training industry, then why not start a creative agency, a post-production house, a grip/electric company, build a recording studio, launch a distribution company, pivot to a streaming company? Forty years later, after the last company sold, that first dream has yet to fade.

So, here I am.

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