Finished Scripts

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TRUE CONVICTION – Feature, Redemption Drama

When a minister returns home to seek forgiveness for a dark past, he risks his calling and his life to prove that a troubled young girl’s apparent suicide was actually murder.

SWIMSQUATCH – TV Pilot, Fantasy Comedy

Time is running out for Mae, a restless young mermaid, stuck in a fishing village full of oddballs and paranormal-tourists. She is torn between the romance of the sea or a life on land protecting her landlocked twin sister, who fell in love with a human and lost her magical powers.

SECOND HELPINGS – TV Pilot, Family Comedy

When a feisty widow with two kids discovers her cop husband was a cheating scumbag who left her deep in debt, she refuses his death benefit and infuriates her cop-in-laws by starting a home-based cookie company hiring convicts on parole.

SUPERSTORE – Sample Spec, TV Comedy

With Glenn away at a conference, Dina launches her dictatorship and sets out to prove that she can turn anyone, even Sandra, into a better supervisor than Amy.

Scripts in the Works

Available soon

SAVING RACHEL – Feature, Coming of Age Comedy

After a series of horrific dreams, a young girl is convinced that she will be held eternally responsible if her non-believing best friend goes to hell, so she launches a plan to save both their souls. 

ROUTE 41 – Feature, Comedy Crime Caper

When a love-struck armored truck driver becomes a patsy in the competing heist plans of two criminal gangs, his only hope is to double-cross his former girlfriend and the FBI.

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